Why should I hire a pet photographer?

I consider pet photography to be a special type of family photography. If you treat your pets as members of your family, it only makes sense that they should have their unique characters captured alongside the rest of the family, too. As a pet photographer, my focus is always on capturing stunning, authentic photos of your pet that truly reflect his genuine personality, rather than creating the more traditional, posed family portraits.

Why should I choose Fetch Photography?

My passion is photographing animals. Capturing a dog running through a field with a look of unbridled happiness on his face or gazing up at his owner with unconditional love feeds my soul. I have worked with animals my entire life, so pet photography was a natural convergence of my skills and interests. I believe that photography sessions should be fun experiences for animals. If the experience isn't enjoyable for them, the resultant photos will reflect that.

I work very hard to bring out each animal's authentic personality naturally during the short period of time we have together. I also only accept a limited number of clients each month so I can fully dedicate my full time and attention to their sessions. If you love my style of photography and don't mind me rolling around in the dirt with your dog for an hour, then you should contact me about scheduling a session!

What if my pet isn't well-behaved enough for photos?

Many of the dogs I photograph have not mastered basic obedience commands and must be on leash at all times, so don't worry if your pet isn't perfectly trained! As long as your pet is not a danger to himself or others (for on location sessions), I will find a way to capture his distinct personality. For the best results, however, sit/stay commands are recommended.

If your dog needs to be on a leash at all times, the leash can often be edited out of the final photos at no additional charge, though more extensive removals can incur additional fees. Using solid color collars (no harnesses) and fixed-length leashes are recommended to avoid potentially incurring these fees. See below for an example leash removal.

What if my dog isn't cooperative on a leash?

I ask all of my clients to come to photography sessions ready to help with their dogs. This can include holding the leash, getting the dog's attention, etc. I also have an assistant that I bring to sessions who is excellent at handling dogs. Between the three of us, we can get some beautiful photos of even the most uncooperative dog! However, if your dog is very uncomfortable on leash and/or away from his home environment, it might be best to have the session in your home or some place familiar to your dog.

Where will the photography session take place?

Depending on your pet, the session will take place either on location in Los Angeles or in your home. I have a variety of locations I can recommend around the city from parks to hiking trails to beaches! We can discuss what places make the most sense for your pet during the pre-session consultation.

Do you have a studio I can bring my pet to?

I prefer to capture authentic, natural images of your pet in a location where he is most comfortable or familiar in order to capture his truest self. As a result, I do not offer studio sessions at this time.

If I have more than two pets, can you photograph all of them?

Sure! Up to two pets are included in lifestyle photography sessions, but if you would like more than two pets photographed, it is $25 for each additional pet. 

Can I (and/or another family member) be in the photos too?

Of course! I love to capture the special bonds families share with their pets. However, as a pet photographer, the focus of the session will primarily be on the pet; if you are looking for a family photographer, I am happy to offer local recommendations.

Do you only take photos of dogs?

Dogs are my speciality, but I have also photographed cats, horses, and various other farm animals. If you have another type of pet you'd like photographed, reach out!

Do you offer sessions for pets who are terminally ill?

Yes, I offer Celebration of Life sessions for pets who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition or are of advanced age. Due to the nature of these sessions, they are prioritized ahead of other sessions. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in booking one of these time-sensitive sessions.

What is included with a session? Do you offer digital files?

My pet photography sessions are for up to 2 pets and 2 humans and include 15 digital images for $350. The final photos from the session are delivered via an online gallery where you can view, share, and download your favorite images. Digital image files are optimized for social sharing and are printable up to 8" x 10" with a personal use print release. You can learn more about my sessions by viewing my Session Information page.

What products do you offer? How much do they cost?

I offer a curated selection of premium quality, archival grade products. To display on your walls, I recommend barnwood framed prints, canvas gallery wraps, or metal prints (starting at $200). To display in your home or gift to friends & family, I recommend image boxes with mounted prints or engraved wooden USB boxes (starting at $250). I also offer album design services starting at $500. If you are interested in an album, please let me know during your consultation.

How do I pick a location?

During the pre-session consultation, I'll learn more about you and your pet in order to suggest some appropriate locations. However, if you already know where you want to have the pet photography sesssion, let me know! I love exploring new places and shooting in locations that are meaningful to my clients. The location of the shoot enhances the final images, so I'll work with you to find the most suitable location.

When are photography sessions typically scheduled?

As a natural light photographer, I work around sunrise and sunset. Depending on the time of the year, these times vary. Generally, sessions are held about an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

When should I book my session?

I am usually booked a few weeks out throughout the year. During the holiday season (September-December), I am usually fully booked a month in advance. I only accept a limited number of clients each month, so I recommend booking as soon as you can to reserve your preferred session date and time.

What if I have additional questions that are not answered here?

Not a problem! Send me an email, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do I book a pet photography session with Fetch Photography?

Booking a pet photography session is as easy as 1-2-3!
  1. Contact me to receive your welcome packet & pre-session questionnaire
  2. Pay the session fee to secure your chosen session date and time
  3. Sign a pet photography session agreement & model release