Los Angeles Horse Photographer | Yearling Horse Photography Session


I spent some time in Sarasota, Florida this spring, and while I was there, I took advantage of my time out of the city to photograph some horses. I've loved horses since I was a little girl, so I jump at any opportunity to spend time with them. When I was asked to takes some photos for a yearling celebration, I couldn't have been more excited.

I captured some beautiful shots of the mare and her yearling. Mom looked like a bonafide Breyer horse, and I was enamoured of her statuesque poses and queenly demeanor. Her foal was playful and intensely curious of my camera; more than once, he locked eyes with my lens, walked right up to it, and bonked it with nose mischievously. Another yearling joined us mid-shoot, and I had such a great time watching the two yearlings play and explore. 

The hot Florida afternoon coaxed the horses into the shade, and—after an impromptu bout of rolling—I was able to take some stunning portraits under the green foliage of the pasture. I followed the yearlings into a thicket and snapped some shots of the sun dappling them through the leaves. The thick foliage and vibrant colors gave the photos a The Secret Garden-esque feel, which I absolutely loved.