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Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Puglet, the Chihuahua Mix, and Lola & HoneyBear, the Cocker Spaniels

I loved capturing golden year photos of this special senior squad. As they have gotten older, their mom wanted to capture some portraits of her senior dogs being their happy selves. Puglet, Lola, and HoneyBear each came from difficult pasts but were eventually united together in a safe, loving home with their amazing mama.

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Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Olive, the Papillon mix and Caper, the Miniature Pinscher mix

Olive and Caper—who have the cutest complementary names and share the instagram account @oliveandcaper—are two rescue dogs from Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation. Olive is a Papillon x Pomeranian mix, and Caper is a Miniature Pinscher x Chihuahua mix. Isabelle and Dennis had planned on adopting only Olive, but when they saw the instant connection between Olive and Caper, they couldn't bear to separate them!

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Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Rocket & Smidge, the Chihuahuas

Meet Rocket and Smidge! Two tiny, cuddly, rescue Chihuahuas from Los Angeles. Rocket is aptly named for his bold personality and speedy nature. Smidge was originally named Widget, but when she didn't grow much after being adopted, her owners referred to her as 'a smidge of a widge,' and Smidge stuck.

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