Los Angeles Dog Photographer | So Cal Corgi Beach Day Spring 2016


This year's Spring So Cal Corgi Beach Day was a little different than the previous events I'd attended over the last three years. Instead of the usual sunny, hot weather, it rained most of the day! However, this didn't stop Corgi enthusiasts from gathering and participating in a day's worth of Corgi-themed activities.

As a pet photographer, this was a great opportunity to capture dogs on the beach in the middle of the day. With the unseasonal rain and clouds in Los Angeles, the lighting was beautiful. The rain certainly didn't stop the fun for Corgis who love to chase the waves, play fetch on the beach, or even swim in the ocean.

My Corgi, Maurice, is not a water dog by any stretch of the imagination, yet he has somehow still not learned how waves work. To his credit, the wind was sending the waves in less predictable patterns than usual, and he got completely drenched on the shore. I was laughing so hard, I don't know how I managed to capture these photos of him mid-drenching/escape.


He subsequently spent the rest of the afternoon napping in our tent.

Here are the highlights from my day photographing So Cal Corgi Beach Day!

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