Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Tyson & Minka, the Malteses


Tyson and Minka are the sweetest Maltese brother and sister pair! Each one has so much personality, I was able to capture many different expressions and emotions from them.

Their parents reached out to me for a dog photography session at the beach to capture the special lives of their precious pups. Tyson and Minka are eight years old and have lived with their parents since they were puppies, but they’ve never had a professional portrait taken of their whole family. I was excited to meet these two and create some beautiful art to decorate the walls fo their home!

June gloom stuck around in Santa Monica late into the summer this year, but I love the high key look of white dogs on overcast days. I found some coastal elements to incorporate into their portraits to create a beachy vibe, even without a dramatic sunset. Despite the misty skies, we were even able to capture the lights from the Santa Monica Pier against the horizon at the end of the session.