Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Dog Photography at Summit Valley


Happy Fall! Earlier this summer, I took Maurice to Summit Valley in Edmund D. Edelman Park to do some dog photography session location scouting. I had seen pictures of beautiful lupines and other wildflowers on this less popular, dog-friendly Los Angeles trail. Instead, I discovered a place that looked much more like it was fall than summer.

I must have missed the season because we saw very few wildflowers on our hike; however, the valley was filled with waist-high grasses blowing in the warm summer wind. Maurice, being the curious goofball that he is, bounded right into the fields of grasses without hesitation. I could hardly contain my laughter as he ran through the field; sometimes I could only see him by the path he made in the tall grasses.

As we hiked up the trail from the valley, the grasses turned more yellow than green and made me imagine wheat fields instead of California foxtails. (Maurice was thoroughly checked for foxtails everywhere after we cleared the area. If you take your dog into an area with foxtails, be absolutely meticulous in checking their coat, paws, ears, eyes, nose, etc. for any foxtails that may have embedded in them and can cause dangerous health problems.) Though it was still early summer, it felt very much like fall when we were overlooking the valley below.

Even though I didn't get to see the wildflowers I had hoped for—Maurice found some (sticky) flowers to lie in briefly—I really enjoyed my trip to Summit Valley. Maurice loved running through the fields of grasses that were far taller than him and capturing him fully enjoying his goofy self made the trip completely worth it.