Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Shuffle, the Corgi Mix


Shuffle is an adorable Corgi x Springer Spaniel mix, who inherited an interesting blend of physical and personality traits from both breeds. I met up with his mom at a nearby lake, and we set out on a dog-friendly hike. Shuffle loved exploring the new trails and lakeside inhabitants as we trekked around for his photoshoot!

Unlike most Corgis, he wasn't very interested in working for treats. He would reluctantly—and adorably—accept cheese, but it certainly did not grab his attention for photos. Occasionally, I would make an interesting enough noise to get his attention for a second before he went back to casually sniffing around the trail.

Shuffle has a fairly active prey drive and wanted to chase any squirrels or ducks that rustled around in the underbrush, so it was important to keep him safely on leash for the majority of the session. We eventually figured out that snapping twigs or crunching leaves were much more interesting triggers for him, and I was able to capture stunning dog portraits of him against the lakeside setting.

One of my favorite shots from the session is of Shuffle peering out from behind the log. I found a beautifully lit clearing in the forest that had a downed tree positioned perfectly for a lovely portrait. However, Shuffle had other ideas and didn't want to sit still anywhere near the log. Instead, he walked around it a few times and completely hid himself behind the log—until his head and tail suddenly popped up! It definitely wasn't the shot I planned, but I couldn't have crafted a more perfect image to capture Shuffle's silly personality. 

As always, I find it best to let the dog guide the photography session a little bit in order to capture his true personality, and let him enjoy exploring a new place! I'm so happy with the photos from this dog photography session, and I love that I was able to capture Shuffle and all of his goofiness.