Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Olive, the Miniature Pinscher


Stephanie reached out to me to take photos of her Miniature Pinscher, Olive, as gift for her husband—Olive's favorite human. (Have I mentioned that dog photography sessions make great gifts for dog lovers?) We picked sunny Huntington Beach for her lifestyle session.

Olive is a spirited, affectionate min pin that hardly stays put. Once we got to the beach, she was running, jumping, and sticking her nose in the sand. She has a huge personality for such a little dog and can sometimes have a flair for drama. Her trendy collar and stylish hoodie really worked to portray her diva-side. 

The sunset at Huntington Beach had beautiful pastel skies and gave the sand a pinkish tint, perfect for the girly-girl Olive. I had such a fun time trying to keep up with this energetic lady, and I'm so happy that the photos were able to capture her lively spirit.