Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Cala, the Labrador Retriever


Cala—short for Calafia—is a stunning black lab with incredible training. Her owner, Charles, wanted to take some photos of his one-year old perpetual-puppy before they moved to San Francisco. We decided on Palisades Park as our location because of the significance the park has to Charles and Cala. They'd lived near the park since Charles got Cala and played fetch there innumerable times.

Speaking of fetch, I have never seen a dog more laser-focused on a tennis ball than Cala. (The only way I was able to get Cala to sit by a tennis ball without her grabbing it was by distracting her...with another tennis ball!) While she also loves treats, she's always got an eye on where her tennis ball is. 

Despite her intense passion for tennis balls, she is an extremely patient and obedient dog. This helped us compose more unusual shots for her lifestyle session; she is actually IN a tree in a few photos. She knows quite a few tricks too, and I loved capturing her doing a high-five. This was such a fun session for me—best of luck in San Francisco Charles and Cala!