Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Herman, the American Staffordshire Terrier Mix & Magnolia, the Miniature Poodle Mix


Herman and Magnolia are two of my favorite returning clients! It is such a joy to see how far they have come after being adopted. I was so excited to do another photography session with them at one of their favorite parks in downtown Los Angeles.

I first met Magnolia and Herman last year during my holiday sessions. Magnolia was still very fearful of strangers and not too keen to have her photo taken by one due to her history as a street dog—though I still managed to capture some cute ones! However, this little “fixer upper” was like a completely different dog this year! She was so much more confident and comfortable during her dog photography session. Sadly, Magnolia developed a new mammary tumor this year that was determined to be cancerous. After she healed from her (3!!) surgeries this summer, her mom decided to schedule a session to capture Magnolia’s resilient spirit.

Her brother Herman is such a lovable, goofy boy. He was also rescued from a shelter, but you would never know it. Within minutes of meeting someone, he’ll be asking for a belly rub and giving his adorable smile. He is obsessed with rolling in grass whenever he can, and he has the most dapper poses in front of the camera. Check out some of my favorites from this session below!