Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Gurney, the German Shepherd Mix


When one of my closest childhood friends finally adopted a dog, I knew we needed to schedule a lifestyle session as soon as possible. I met up with the adorable German Shepherd mix Gurney and his mom at Turtle Rock Park in Irvine. The park had beautiful fall colors that complemented Gurney's golden coat perfectly.

Gurney can be a bit rambunctious at times and has a short attention span, so his owner was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get any good shots of him sitting still. While it can be challenging at times to work with dogs of varying levels of obedience and temperaments, I pride myself on my ability to read a dog's behavior and body language and adapt photography sessions to each dog.

With Gurney, he was easily distracted by things happening around him, so getting his attention and keeping it focused on me (and my camera) was key. I worked with his mom on coaxing him to where I wanted him and keeping his attention focused long enough for me to snap some photos. Despite the many distractions happening around us—including a 50+ person family reunion barbecue—the photos I captured of Gurney showed his true sweet, loving side, just the way his family sees him.