Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Farley, Allison, & Belle, the Golden Retrievers


Farley, Allison (“Allie”), and Belle are an adorable Golden Retriever trio that I loved getting to play with for an afternoon in Huntington Beach. We planned an extra special dog photography session for these three that started at a beautiful park and ended on the beach at sunset.

Francine reached out to me to have a dog photography session with her family to capture their fun-loving personalities. Sadly, she had lost her boy Chase last year before having any professional photos taken of him, so she booked a dog photography session with me to capture some memories for their family!

All three dogs are rescues from the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, but as with most rescued dogs that I have had the pleasure of meeting, you’d never know it! Farley is the oldest of the pack at 10 years old, but he still loves romping around with his toys and running with Andy, my assistant, for photos! Allie is 8 years old, and while toys aren’t really her thing, she is what I’d call a “puddle puppy” and just melts when you pet her. Belle—formerly known as Ellie, but Allie and Ellie was too confusing—is only two years old and is definitely still a curious, excitable puppy.

We started our session at a beautiful park that was so green from the recent rains in Southern California. The warm, golden light complemented the dogs’ fur and the green foliage perfectly. We had a blast exploring, playing chase in the big, open fields, and of course, stopping for lots of belly rubs.

As the sun started to set, we headed down to the beach to have an extra “golden” hour and capture a few more portraits against the pastel sky. I love taking photos at the beach during sunset because the colors are so beautiful and help me create vibrant, stunning portraits. Thank you so much for inviting me to meet and capture your adorable, furry family!