Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Rocket & Smidge, the Chihuahuas


Meet Rocket and Smidge! Two tiny, cuddly, rescue Chihuahuas from Los Angeles. Rocket is aptly named for his bold personality and speedy nature. Smidge was originally named Widget, but when she didn't grow much after being adopted, her owners referred to her as 'a smidge of a widge,' and Smidge stuck.

I loved our lifestyle dog photography session at Elysian Park. Smidge was a bit nervous and needed her familiar fuchsia bath mat to settle down at one point during the session, but the curious expressions she gave sitting on it were worth it. I had a lot of fun capturing Rocket's larger than life personality as he zipped around the park, exploring everything while being handsomely aware of the camera.

I was also so happy to be able to capture the special bond between the dogs and their mom. It was very clear that each dog had a close, special bond with her, and it was adorable to see them cozying up in her lap and sharing kisses. By the end of the session, Smidge had nestled all the way into her mom's hoodie for cuddles!