Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Cheeks, the Chihuahua-Dachshund Mix


Cheeks is an adorable—and stylish!—Chihuahua x Dachshund mix. He was originally named Chico, but over the years, “Cheeks” became a shortened nickname that stuck.

Cheeks was adopted from a Salinas shelter by Briana’s great aunt, but in 2014, she passed away, leaving Cheeks to Briana in her will. Their relationship has blossomed in the past five years, and it is obvious how much Cheeks loves her.

Coming from a shelter and then living a mostly quiet and secluded life, Cheeks has a lot of anxiety and fear in new places and around strangers. I always want my dog photography sessions to be fun and stress-free experiences for everyone, so it was really important to me to find a way to work with Cheeks that didn’t make him uncomfortable, especially when our session was scheduled at a busy Hollywood park.

For our session, it worked really well to find isolated areas at the park and keep his mom nearby. When I wanted photos of Cheeks by himself, I instructed Briana on where to stand so she wouldn’t be in the photo but he would be close enough to her to feel safe. Once I had the shot, Cheeks was rewarded with some tasty treats and cuddles from mom. Because he loves being close to her, I alternated poses of them together and him alone. You can see how relaxed and happy he is when she holds him!

Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your special relationship!