Los Angeles Dog Photographer | George, the Bichon Frise


I recently got to do a lifestyle session with my friend from Fern Shin Fine Art Photography and her adorable Bichon Frise, George. Fernanda received George as a birthday gift in 2012 after he had been rescued by a shelter. She named him George because his puffy, white hair reminded her of George Washington!

We decided to do the dog photography session at Mandeville Canyon because George loves to go hiking. On the day of the shoot, the weather was extremely overcast and misty in the canyon, but we decided to do the session anyway. I loved playing with the varying, dramatic compositions that the overcast light helped produce. I was able to achieve a more high key style by positioning George against the white, cloudy sky, and I created a moodier feel when framing George around the earthy tones of the local flora.

George is getting older, but he still has his youthful puppy spirit that Fernanda loves so much. I was thrilled to be able to capture George's silly but sweet nature.