Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Albus, the Bagle Hound


“Bagle” Hound is not a typo! Albus—short for Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore-White—is a Beagle x Basset Hound cross that is affectionately referred to as a Bagle Hound.

Janiece originally adopted Albus from a shelter in Virginia 9 years ago. Unlike the rest of the dogs at the shelter who were eagerly jumping at the front of their cages saying “Pick me! Pick me!”, Albus was hiding in the back corner of his, pretending no one could see him. She really liked his lower energy and more reserved personality, so he ended up being the perfect fit for her. (The huge, adorable ears didn’t hurt either!)

Albus was classified as a “runaway” at the shelter, so his exact background, including his age, is unknown. Apparently he had “run away” multiple times before he was finally adopted, so it’s likely that he was actually bred by a hunter in the area and proved to not be a great hunting dog.

However, his lack of “killer instincts” as a hunting dog have made him a great companion for Janiece in the city. Now living in Long Beach, Albus enjoys the warm, beachy weather and digging up house plants on his big balcony. He also loves long strolls on the beach…in his dog stroller, of course!

Albus is older, so he’s more active in the afternoon. I usually schedule pet photography sessions around sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the soft, golden light and create my sun-kissed portraits. However, capturing Albus’ true personality was most important, so we scheduled the photography session for the middle of the day. I loved getting to know this sweet guy better during our dog photography session, and his dog portraits really represent his silly, loving personality.