Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Ace, the Terrier Mix


I actually met Ace for the first time at my CB2 holiday event last year. It was so much fun to get him outside and see his fun, energetic personality. As a terrier mix, he’s very smart, athletic, and of course, adorable!

On the day of the session, the sky was overcast and steely in Santa Monica, not the clear, sunny skies we were hoping for. However, the bright, even light worked perfectly for Ace’s session by complementing his tan and white coat.

He was happy to pose on all of the park’s available settings from stairs to bridges to benches. He was so eager to explore all that the park had to offer, he promptly rolled in some duck poo! Luckily, we were prepared to clean him up and move on to what I was especially excited to capture: some family photos of Ace with his parents.

Ace’s favorite part of the session, however, was when he got to run around. The pure happiness on his face when he runs melts my heart. For a little guy, he has some serious speed and can get a lot of air during his sprints, which added some silly shots of Ace being himself to the pet photography session.