Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Doga with Aimee Hyatt at Healthy Spot


I had never heard of Doga until I learned Healthy Spot was hosting an event! Honestly, when I first thought of the event—40+ dogs in an open park doing yoga—I was prepared for chaos. However, I was proven completely wrong; the event turned out to be extremely calm and relaxing, just like you would expect a yoga class to be.

The Doga event took place at Bruce's Beach in Manhattan Beach and was led by the talented Aimee Hyatt. Despite the stimulating urban environment, Aimee managed to create a calm, safe space for the yogis and "dogis" to enjoy a beachfront yoga session.

This was by far one of my favorite events to shoot because it was so unique. I loved capturing the dogs' zen expressions and poses as well as the connections that were so evident between the dogs and their owners.