Hi there! My name's Haven, and I am the pet photographer behind Fetch Photography. I come from a long line of crazy-animal-people; most of my childhood memories are focused on my experiences with my family’s dogs and cats. My great-grandmother’s treasured Siamese cat Rascal occupied an influential space in our home for all of his 21 years!

My grandparents had one dog during my lifetime, a Siberian Husky named Boingo. They lived on an large orange tree grove, and one day, a scrawny mutt turned up on their property. With the ever-present threat of coyotes in the area, they took in the puppy. Almost immediately, they formed a deep connection with Boingo, and he became a integral member of their family.

Long before I was a photographer, my grandmother organized a pet photography session for Boingo in order to gift my grandfather with a beautiful, framed portrait of their boy. I still remember seeing that photo hanging on the wall of living room every time I went to their house. Now, after all three of them are gone, I still have the original dog portrait of Boingo hanging in my own home.

Haven McConkey, photographer at Fetch Photography |  Photo by    Sierra Solis Photography

Haven McConkey, photographer at Fetch Photography | Photo by
Sierra Solis Photography

In the mid-2000s, I got my first point-shoot camera, and I naturally gravitated toward photographing my dogs, two Jack Russell Terriers. For years, my pet photography graced the hallways of my childhood home. When I went to college, I intended on becoming a Biology major, but I ended up as a Film & Media Studies major and became deeply interested in film & media theory. A few years into college, I adopted my first dog: a three-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Maurice. My love for photography—specifically, pet photography—was rekindled that year as my educational pursuits and personal interests intertwined.

Over the next four years, I refined my pet photography skills by taking my always-willing model Maurice around Southern California for photography sessions. In 2015, I launched Fetch Photography, and I started regularly photographing other people’s pets. I found my passion creating authentic, natural images of pets and their people. One day, I hope that I will create a portrait of a deeply loved pet that will hang in a grandparent’s living room and be inherited by their granddaughter to remind her of the happy times she spent at her grandparents’ house growing up.