Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Cala, the Labrador Retriever


Cala—short for Calafia—is a stunning black lab with incredible training. Her owner, Charles, wanted to take some photos of his one-year old perpetual-puppy before they moved to San Francisco. We decided on Palisades Park as our location because of the significance the park has to Charles and Cala. They'd lived near the park since Charles got Cala and played fetch there innumerable times.

Speaking of fetch, I have never seen a dog more laser-focused on a tennis ball than Cala. (The only way I was able to get Cala to sit by a tennis ball without her grabbing it was by distracting her...with another tennis ball!) While she also loves treats, she's always got an eye on where her tennis ball is. 

Despite her intense passion for tennis balls, she is an extremely patient and obedient dog. This helped us compose more unusual shots for her lifestyle session; she is actually IN a tree in a few photos. She knows quite a few tricks too, and I loved capturing her doing a high-five. This was such a fun session for me—best of luck in San Francisco Charles and Cala!

Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Olive, the Miniature Pinscher


Stephanie reached out to me to take photos of her Miniature Pinscher, Olive, as gift for her husband—Olive's favorite human. (Have I mentioned that dog photography sessions make great gifts for dog lovers?) We picked sunny Huntington Beach for her lifestyle session.

Olive is a spirited, affectionate min pin that hardly stays put. Once we got to the beach, she was running, jumping, and sticking her nose in the sand. She has a huge personality for such a little dog and can sometimes have a flair for drama. Her trendy collar and stylish hoodie really worked to portray her diva-side. 

The sunset at Huntington Beach had beautiful pastel skies and gave the sand a pinkish tint, perfect for the girly-girl Olive. I had such a fun time trying to keep up with this energetic lady, and I'm so happy that the photos were able to capture her lively spirit.

Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Shar Pei Puppy Portraits


Smushy Shar Peis turn me to mush, and this squishy Shar Pei puppy was no exception. I was actually in Long Beach shooting another event when I ran into a couple and their Shar Pei puppy enjoying the beautiful sunny weather. (Seriously, I only run into adorable puppies while I'm shooting events!)

When I was in high school, I dog sat for a couple who had two Shar Peis, and I've loved the breed ever since. They're such sweet, gentle dogs with the squishiest Grandpa-just-removed-his-dentures faces that you just can't resist. I had never seen a Shar Pei puppy in person before and seeing this little guy just melted my heart.

His parents were gracious enough to indulge me a few shots of their popular pup. How cute is he?!

Los Angeles Dog Photographer | Santa Monica Dog Photography


In my free time, I love walking Maurice around my neighborhood, exploring new locations for my lifestyle dog photography sessions. Santa Monica is especially fun because there is so much variety in a walkable area.

Main Street is one of my favorite neighborhoods because there are so many interesting patterns and textures. It's fun (and sometimes challenging) to shoot Maurice because of his tri-color coat. I love finding colors or patterns that make him pop out from the background.

Maurice loves his photography sessions because he knows it means extra treats! He also demands to be the center of attention, so when people stop on the street to see what we're doing, he hams it up. Until our next adventure!

Los Angeles Dog Photographer | George, the Bichon Frise


I recently got to do a lifestyle session with my friend from Fern Shin Fine Art Photography and her adorable Bichon Frise, George. Fernanda received George as a birthday gift in 2012 after he had been rescued by a shelter. She named him George because his puffy, white hair reminded her of George Washington!

We decided to do the dog photography session at Mandeville Canyon because George loves to go hiking. On the day of the shoot, the weather was extremely overcast and misty in the canyon, but we decided to do the session anyway. I loved playing with the varying, dramatic compositions that the overcast light helped produce. I was able to achieve a more high key style by positioning George against the white, cloudy sky, and I created a moodier feel when framing George around the earthy tones of the local flora.

George is getting older, but he still has his youthful puppy spirit that Fernanda loves so much. I was thrilled to be able to capture George's silly but sweet nature.